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The Indica-dominant blend in ROVE’s Waui Disposable Pen is potent, and fast acting  hence designed to deliver a premier nightime cannabis vaping experience.

This vape is ideal for alleviating symptoms of firstly stress,next anxiety, depression,and also pain. In the same light lack of appetite, fatigue, and nausea. I recommend trying this vape cart out so you can feel the strength.

The Rove dab carts packs a punch with its thick oil so much its cartridge can’t vape it. The carts has some of the best cannabis oil that isn’t cut with anything and without any solvents.

Extracted from California grown flowers, their premium C02 oil is passed through a completely solvent-less purification process, hence  removing waxes, chlorophyll, and other unwanted plant materials.

Coupled with their strict quality control standards they ensure a great tasting, consistent product. buy carts in USA,rove pen review, buy rove carts in UK price,rove flavors,rove dab carts online in CANADA.

further more to ensure its not fake all state-legal cannabis products should include a sticker with lab data results somewhere in or on the packaging. With Rove carts, the sticker can be found directly on the cart itself.

rove brand cartridges

ROVE’s Cider Cartridge is a specially formulate vape that’s more than just a holiday favorite. This hybrid concentrate has a very light and clean color, with ideal purity. The flavor of the smoke has a classic cider taste, as advertise: strong, tart apple with a sweet finish.

84% average THC level sounds like a heavier hitter than it is, this vape is not overpowering and is suitable for morning or daytime use. The effects are mostly feel in the head, in an upward direct rush that is giggly and uplifting but with very little psychoactivity.

Body mellow is a soothing relaxation that helps keep you settle and serene. This vape is great for managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.Rove cartridges are make with high-quality stainless steel and pyrex glass.

In other words, your vape has only one ingredient, high quality flower. So, enjoy the best our state has to offer

Each cartridge is compatible with universal 510 thread batteries. produce large clouds thanks to their dual coil atomizer and efficient air flow design.


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Northern Lights
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Blue Cheese
Og Kush

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