Blue Cheese (Indica) Strain

Blue Cheese: Incredible mix between Cheese and Blueberry

Blue Cheese (Indica) Strain is a classic hybrid which comprises Blueberry genetics straight from Oregon and Cheese vibes which came to light after the dankest Skunks were hybridized with each other. Whenever eating a cheesecake, one wishes for delicious blueberries to cover the delight. Whoever manifested the idea of blending Cheese and Blueberry, was clearly a genius.Blue Cheese (Indica) Strain comprises 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. It’s not uncommon to see this strain on Amsterdam’s coffeeshop menus, it’s quite a popular variety.

The dominance of Blue Cheese lands on the indica side, although sativa vibes are also present. Imagine Buddhist monks, meditating with deep concentration, that’s what Blue Cheese feels like after that toke. Obtaining spiritual connections on the metaphysical plane is not an uncommon experience with Blue Cheese. Of course, some may experience Blue Cheese as a more relaxing strain, which can be consumed with the beloved half, while Netflix and chill.

Blueberry and cheese scents entangle the consumer with cool sensations. Pungent aromas deriving from the Skunk lineage also present themselves. The THC-levels hover over the 19% mark, which entails that this cultivar is a potent one. One should not hesitate to make some edibles from Blue Cheese, whatever one’s into, pies, cakes, brownies, this cultivar will deliver the culinary enhancement.

Indoor growers shall receive around 450-500g/m² of Blue Cheese nugs, while outdoor ganja gardeners will get approximately 500-550 gr/plant. The yields are quite impressive for an indica dominant strain, although definitely not the highest yielding one. One drawback with Blue Cheese is the high leaf-to-bud ratio, the trimming will take slightly longer. The short flowering time of 7-8 weeks, is great for eager growers. Outdoor growers should harvest this cultivar during September


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