Green Dream Strain

Green Dream Strain

The Green Dream strain is certainly one to satisfy the taste buds of cannabis users who also happen to love green tea especially those who like their tea with a little hint of sweetness. This hybrid is widely known to possess a green tea-like taste mixed with some fruity tinge which, by the way, is said to be one of the reasons for its name.

Now, if that is not enticing enough, here are some of Green Dream’s attributes that any prospective user ought to know. Although there is not a lot of information available about this strain that is made available to the public, what is known so far about Green Dream should be enough reason for cannabis users to love it.

Green Dream is believed to be a cross between Green Crack and Blue Dream. Hence, aside from its taste, one can easily tell why it is named as such based on its parent strains.


Green Dream Strain The Fruity Pebbles strain is a superb option for the newbie and expert alike. It’s delicate but strong effects gained’t have you bouncing off the partitions or held captive by your couch, but it will eventually choose you to locations you’ve never ever been ahead of.Kandy Kush is often a sweet-flavored hybrid (sativa/indica combine) that generates a distinct lemon scent when smoked. It’s become a favourite amongst healthcare users thanks to its powerful large and strong pain-aid good quality. It is an extremely strong health-related strain and it has lots of effects which include reduction of suffering and anxiety, and might help to carry about thoughts of happiness and wellbeing. It’s a super well-known strain, and also a staple strain among the medicinal Group.
This hybrid strain from Michigan took second area in the 2015 Michigan Cannabis Cup due to the one of a kind combination of outcomes that knock the thoughts around though beneath its affect.
The key aroma wafting up from Green Dream Strain bouquets is musky and earthy, much like moist soil. On nearer inspection, there’s also a dazzling citrus undertone that spices up the general impact. In the meantime, grinding up or selecting aside these flowers releases a skunky odor which could have been passed on from father or mother strain Green Crack. When burnt in a very pipe or simply a joint, Green Crack gives off a pleasantly sleek smoke. This smoke has a lemony flavor, together with many of the flowery and fruity essence which makes mother or father strain Blue Dream so well-known. Green Dream’s substantial can take impact immediately, initially manifesting as being a throbbing around the temples and forehead, also a heightened manufacture of saliva. These physical results are matched by a pronounced adjust in sensory perception. External stimuli may possibly appear to be sharper or take on odd new dimensions. Also, smokers could expertise ineffable phenomena like time dilation or visual distortions. As soon as they modify — when they’re equipped — to these sensations, buyers could truly feel a shift within their thinking also.


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