Sativa lovers, be on alert! If you happen to come across the Brass Knuckles Jack Herer cartridge, we highly recommend picking one up. Before running off to your local dispensary, heed our warning. These cartridges hit hard, the oil is pure, and the potency will send you off to la la land. Does the Brass Knuckes Jack Herer cartridge score well in every category? Take a closer look at the details of our review and find out if this cartridge is for you. This review is strain specific, to see our overall Brass Knuckles cartridge review for more information on BK carts.

Brass Knuckles’ Jack Herer Cartridge packs the spicy, pine-scented flavors into a premium cartridge delivering powerful sativa effects. This dymanic cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunks uplifts users into a blissful euphoria eliminating stress


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