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Rove Cookies cartridges are 78.23 percent indica-dominant THC hybrid strains capable of relieving both the body and the mind. Carts from Rove Cookies encourage a sense of well-being in order to strengthen both healthy and meditative lifestyles. … In the 70 percent-80 percent THC and 1 percent-2 percent CBD ranges, each cartridge is checked.

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What strain of crazy ape vape are they?
Description This Indica combines dark berry notes accented with a distinct grape-like scent, a cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. It offers great taste and carefree relaxation that can help relieve pain, anxiety , and stress.

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1.025 g ROVE Cookies Cartridge-CA
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Each puff of this calming hybrid dominant indica can bring relaxation to the mind and body. Our combination encourages a sense of well-being in order to improve both the active and golden goat leafly
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Another top falvor cartz of the rove and the rove brand is the rove waui, with a sweet fruity flavour.


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