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With steezy vape and the stiiizy in mind we talk about the stiiizy skywalker og , not leaving out the fact that it is from the skywalker leafly strain,.

A cross between Skywalker and OG Kush, Skywalker OG is a super potent strain that will make relaxation your #1 priority. This powerful strain that is perfect for managing physical pain or a lazy night in.

Potent bud, notes of gas and lemon 33.95% thc Surprised of the lack of reviews, this bud is pretty fire. When you break up the nugs it has just a tad of purple nothing extreme but very nice looking, nice slim coney milky white buds. Might not have the best flavor but it does have notes of gas and lemon and black pepper. The smoke smells like black pepper and lingers. The ash burns white! Got me super baked! Also last but not least this dank bud was very fresh not moist at all. Strong body high accompanied with a nice mental stone.


Stiiizy is a vape pen company that was created in 2017, and has since gained much popular favor. They designed a product that is different than the other commonly found 510 threaded vape pen cartridges. … As of 2019, Stiiiizy vape pods are very weak now as they have changed their oil to a much less potent formula.


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