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A cross of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet parent strains, Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid. In reference to phenotype #33, Gelato, nicknamed “Larry Bird,” is a heavy-hitting strain that those with a high tolerance would really enjoy.


Gelato is a heavy hitting strain that those with a high tolerance will truly enjoy. Taste: Sweet. Earthy.

Meanwhile, the best STIIIZY flavor is one that the consumer decides works best for them, but in terms of popularity, Strawberry Cough cartridge reigns supreme. Pods come in a wide variety of strains to offer cannabis patients the most options when it comes to selecting the best STIIIZY flavors.

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Quality of Vapor
Therefore, go for a better quality oil that costs a little more if you’re in question, it’ll be well worth the risk. Overall, close to the PCKT One Plus, you get some amazing hits from Stiiizy! Without being harsh or frustrating at all the airflow is pleasant and surprisingly open.


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